Workstation vs Gaming PC – Which Should I Choose? [Simple Guide]

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When should you choose a workstation and when should you choose a gaming PC?

It all depends on what you’re going to use your PC for, obviously, but there is more to it than that.

Keep watching to find out.

0:00 Intro
0:33 What Is a Workstation?
1:29 What Is a Workstation: The CPU
2:33 What Is a Workstation: The GPU
3:48 What Is a Workstation: The RAM
4:34 What Is a Workstation: The Storage
4:56 What Is a Workstation: The Motherboard
5:26 Workstations for Gaming
6:24 Outro


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  1. evifnoskcaj

    Now it's considerably cheaper to use workstations, especially refurbished ones. Workstation graphics cards are now very affordable compared to standard desktop cards.

  2. Inayahイナヤ

    I'm a computer science (AI) student at university, I'm a console gamer so I don't need the PC to be good for gaming. Should I still get a gaming set up or a workspace set up? I'm not trying to break the bank here (• ▽ •;)

  3. Odad Eno

    I’m looking to build my own… so I can combine the two! For 3D modelling ex. (
    Revit Autodesk) and multiplayers games (Call of duty)… any suggestions that I can get would be great! Not really looking at a budget but eventually I will narrow it down to what best for both…

  4. atul bhardwaj

    3-4 years ago i really like gaming but; Now i am in graduation and working too so i just made my pc with nvidia quadro rtx4000 and ryzen 7 3700x before that i mostly used laptops now when i work on my pc it is like super easy and not lagging even a bit. But due to lock down because of covid i play sometime with friends but not like extreme so a decent frame rate of 100-140 this setup provides me which is very much for me and now to be conclude I would suggest you to build a pc with quadro p4000 or less its same or cheaper nowadays and really you will not find anything missing. According to my work its super great. And as i said i am in graduation 2nd year work is important for me. You can take low end quadro cards and learn though them and afterwards you can switch to any other if you want later. But trust me you can barely say its not for gaming. But yes if you only do gaming its not for you.

  5. Tech With Things

    I am also a workstation (DELL T3600) gamer. My specs are:

    Xeon E5 1620 (3.6 GHz)
    32GB RAM
    RX 560
    2TB HDD
    128GB SSD

    And runs most of the games on ultra, few of them on very high but its great in performance.

  6. Taikutsu

    "some can have up to 128gb, or even 256gb!"
    mac pro 2019 with 1.5TB and EPYC pc with 2TB:

  7. Jack Kemper

    My current $2500 dual Xeon Mac pro is a toaster for gaming, so I got a new $2800 pc

  8. Freddie Ozzie

    My question is this, which is best for mining cryptocurrencies?, workstations or gaming pc?

  9. Eldred Martin

    even in 2018, 8GB of ram was NOT enough for gaming. sure it can handle it somewhat. But not by any means is it "enough"

  10. QuranOmics

    nice useful video except that the background was a distraction, half the info was misunderstood and unclear.

  11. Chexy

    Lol says amd threadripper is a reasonable price, you know that thing is worth more than most pc’s right?

  12. Semaj

    Thank you for conniving my parents

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