World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop!!

Asus showcased the Zephyrus S – GX531 and the STRIX II 17″ – GL704 today. Review coming soon but here’s a first look at the hardware.
Zephyrus S –
Strix II 17″ –

The Zephyrus S looks to be a really strong performer while coming in at only 15.7 mm thick.
The Strix II 17″ has the world’s first 144hz 3ms 17″ screen and is a very well cooled laptop.
Both of these devices have ultra fast 144Hz 3ms screens.

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  1. Dave2D

    The new Zephyrus S looks pretty ripe. No more T H I C C bezels. Thanks for watching!


    I can hear the fan sound through my headphone🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

  3. Dylan DeFranco

    Any update on the Zephyrus S? Did you get the official model in?

  4. some one

    the way the keyboard is placed makes it impossible to use it as a LAPtop

  5. Hey Dave, sometimes i play games with my laptop as a cpu with my monitor, i use it with the lid closed, do u think i can do the same with this laptop or it is bad idea cause the thermal solution?

  6. Akali

    2grand 😭😭😅😅😱😱

  7. Akali

    Can someone please make a cheaper version of this laptop, the price should be 800$ or below

  8. farzad n2

    Hmmm… i have to sell my car to buy this thing in Iran … you have no idea how expensive they've become.

  9. Raushaan


  10. Arvin Oentoro

    Where do you get your desktop background images in the background?

  11. Christina C

    The keyboard being moved down doesn’t seem very ergonomic of them

  12. Im planning to buy a laptop but im stuck between that two, the zephyrus or the strix scar ii, any recommendations if what i should get?

  13. Taylor Miller

    Just ordered the zephyrus s, honestly they could remove the battery altogether and it would only be a plus to me. That would actually be cool option to lighten it up or free up space for something else, i only use a gaming laptop when i'm at a hotel or going to a friends house or something and gonna plug it in anyway.

  14. Omar Adham

    I'm indecisive between the zephyrus S 1070 max-q version and the scar II with the full 1070… i would like the laptop to last me 4 – 5 years and i'm going to use it for gaming and productivity

    what's attractive to me on both laptops:-
    zephyrus s: thermal solution and design
    scar II: gaming performance and current price on amazon

    can anyone help :') ?

  15. Harsh Modi

    please someone send me link of intro song… 👀

  16. Tayeb Mohammed

    Why does gaming laptops have small unpleasing track pads located in weird positions and if people use mouse anyway with gaming laptops why don't manufacters completely remove the track pad and include extra port that could be useful for other purposes such as thunderbolt 3 usb port or extra hdmi cable?

  17. Deziqn-_-Beast O

    Thinking of getting the Zephyrus for college( comp sci) is it going to last long and perform well through the years?

  18. ArcticBlack

    In my opinion a laptop should not open like that. When I looked at a store display unit it was all goopy and dusty in the lift area.
    After all in my opinion it's a great deal for 1300$.

  19. Vali N.

    I think having a bottom chin is good because it means the screen is raised more…

  20. Jack Li

    When gaming laptops actually thinner than ur MacBook pro

  21. Karma

    “I don’t like my trackpads without a rest”

  22. Brad Beyers

    Those ROG labtops are the only ones from ASUS I would invest in. Their cheaper stuff looks pretty rough and performs rough from reviews I have seen. Those are sweet though.

  23. talib khan

    You will get all the information about this laptop from this link……… @t

  24. Baldi 2

    Thats thinner than my laptop ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

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