World's Tiniest RTX 4090 (liquid cooled)

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RTX 4090:
RTX 4080:
AMD Ryzen 5800X3D:
Asus B550-I Strix:
Phanteks T30 120mm fan:
Alpenfohn Black Ridge:
Noctua NA-FD1 Foam Spacer:
Noctua NF-A9x14:

T1 case:
Moddiy custom 12VHPWR:
FanControl software:
PBO2 Tuner for 5800X3D:
GPU waterblock:

The smallest RTX 4090 in the world. Single slot, just 210mm in length, and narrow enough for ITX.

Video gear
Primary Lens:

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  1. Joe Spittin

    Why.. whats the pointless just slap the card in normally its working making problems over nothing

  2. Lv4x

    This is smaller than my 2070 super mini😭😭

  3. SlayVVe

    Sorry for the spam
    What do  you hear about  electrocity input lag.
    Is it   real, or not. If true,  how to fix?

  4. First Last

    can u STOP showing only that too tacky now foundation nvidia ?? and show different company ??

  5. The Tech Realist

    Now if only the new connector wasn't complete shite, this would be actually usable.

  6. Zio Wee

    It makes you wonder why all the AIB makers would not release this kind of product.

  7. Jerry Mancini

    That water block is not for servers. I work in IT, and water cooling is rare. Not sure why they told you that and called them enterprise class, but that is just not the case. They made this for gamers (or at least that is who's buying them)

  8. Thomas Ingram

    You've kinda gotta count the watercooling infrastructure into the size of this card. Look at how tiny my GPU is (when it has 0 ability to cool itself)!

  9. Nick L.

    Does anyone know why the reputable and in-depth reviewers like Optimum Tech and Hardware Unboxed mainly haven't been able to get their hands on the 240hz LG OLED?

  10. carry on sailing

    You make it all seem so easy. Excellent work and excellent editing. Best wishes.

  11. Gary Ng

    Nothing that custom loop water cooling can’t fix.

  12. Maxwell J. S.

    This neat but it's only practical use is in an apsolute tiny ff. With watercooling realistically you want more surface area with more air movement. The idea is to wick the heat away as efficiently as possible.

  13. 60AT Rws

    This is the first time I’m leaving my card alone, the stock cooler on the 4090 is amazing

  14. Adrian Nasyraf

    that x-shaped retention bracket is really important to prevent premature death of your gpu

  15. Crazy to see that earlier we used to do videos about world's biggest GPUs and now on tiniest ones.
    People sure move on

  16. guily6669

    It really looks pretty damn good, who would say there's almost 500W of GPU Power on that tiny thing😎

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