WWDC23, iOS 17, xROS, iOS 16.5.1 soon, iPhone 15 and more

WWDC23 Two Weeks Away, xROS, iOS 16.5.1 and more – Apple News Of The Week for May 22, 2023 – iOS 16.5 may need a new …


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  1. zollotech

    I can't believe we are just two weeks from WWDC23 and seeing iOS 17 for the first time. What do you want to see most? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Daire Darcy

    I had the issue with the USB 3 adapter, but then I switched to a higher wattage charger, and it worked fine. I think it might be an issue with them adapter, as I had the same issue with an old iPhone on iOS 15.7. Firmware, maybe?

  3. Aepek

    7:38 wish would allow for buying the app out right like can on Mac for $299 and then be able to download to ipados w/ same AppleID; as other competitors allow ya to do. Paying the $50/yr subscription for iPadOS isn’t necessary “bad” until surpasses the $299 of what ya pay for Macs THAT CAN INSTALL ON ANY MAC YOU OWN W/ SAME APPLEID w/o having to pay for another license or subscription (and boy hope Apple doesn’t make ALL FINAL CUT programs a subscription base program; as that would suck, granted we do get updates, but that common and the norm now w(en buying a program “like this” imo and like said, so many other editing softwares do this w/o charging you; UNTIL there’s a drastically “new version” in which case is wanna stay in current version your fine, but if want t(e new program “that is different” you gotta open the wallet and fork over that green stuff. But least able to use purchase once and use on iPad, pc, max, etc.. …when bought program and again I’m ok w/ as not cheap and I’d expect to use on any supported device when download and log in etc…..
    Apple, hope do this to, and not make Final Cut subscription based software on Macs etc……like doing for iPadOS cuz that would suck for several reasons, the biggest……monkey see money do (and know don’t gotta explain that to ppl:.
    Thx for vid Aaron, and as watched this Final Cut on iPadOS is available for download, least where I live.

  4. MrGoose

    yeah my Apple Watch Series 7 and 8 have a green tint along with my parents SE 1st Gens

  5. Always on point @zollotech. Thanks for keeping us all updated with the latest developments.

  6. I’ve got iOS 16.5 on my iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro 4th generation – on my iPad Air 2, I’ve got iOS 15.7.6 here in Manchester U.K.

  7. Totz Ton

    As usual years and years of garbage update but they can't add an update where icons can be arrange automatically or alphabetically!!!

  8. Ian Gray

    I always appreciate your updates Aaron and very grateful that you share all those amazing wallpapers.

  9. Gabriel Scott

    I've seen the green tint too (on the Apple Watch series 6), also the new iPhone pride wallpaper has a weird background on dark mode that looks similar, it should just be black

  10. Joe M

    The Adapter not working for me is a major issue as we use them with ethernet adapters for POS Systems

  11. JTech

    2:55 I have seen this on mine, it’s different at different brightness levels.

  12. Ye Old Geezer

    I’m having problems with watchOS! Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s always been there. In 9.4 I was able to call a business by asking Siri to call a specific business. I’m 9.5 I’ll ask Siri to call the same business and then it will respond with webpages that are NOT relevant to the specific business I asked it to call. I’m order to call the business, I have to ask someone to text me the phone number.

    I’m also not able to text android phones from my watch. It will result in an error message each and every time! “ Failed to send”

  13. M3 Mac Studio or bigger iMac. SwiftUI (nativity on windows 11 like "swiftplayer") – in one word – "all" 🙂
    And like "Player One" just Apple can do that, now. So we will see.

  14. stormchasingal

    Have the update why is my iPhone 14 pro max not responding with auto fill to log into apps???

  15. bve

    would you like to review the tesla app with your tesla? with your experience it will be very nice content i think

  16. Yami L.

    I still get excited about Apple 😊

  17. Yes 16.5.1 have some issues on charging and one you mentioned on accessory not working. But once you reset the device settings for those affected it seems to be okay . I did checked both storage and headset working fine with latest ios version along with charging

  18. Ashley iPhone

    Can’t wait for 15 pro max and that periscope zoom. Will be preordering!

  19. Jay White

    I’m staying on iOS 16.4.1 I’m not updating to iOS 16.5

  20. Jay White

    I’m getting the iPhone 15 pro max gold 512GB I can’t wait 📱😆

  21. Pressbutan

    I have a 14 Plus on 16.5 and my USB 3 camera adapter is working fine. It only seems to work with official cables though, my third party cables no longer work.

  22. Amazing video as always❤
    I hope iOS 17 new overhaul control center swipe from bottom like iOS 7-10❤❤❤ especially rumors iPhone ultra will be 6.9inch

  23. Charles Bracey

    I would love to be able to see my AirPods & Beats battery life on my watch.

  24. Mai Elizabeth

    If they can make DaVinci Resolve run on non M1/2 iPads, I don’t see why Apple cannot make FCPX run on the non M1/2 iPads. DaVinci is more complicated but they manage to shrink it to fit iPads capabilities. Why can’t FCPX?

  25. The battery backup is very poor in iOS 16.5. Also the phone heats up a lot. I hope they fix this in 16.5.1 or 16.6

  26. Rose Stines

    Thank you so very much for the update on everything I greatly appreciated it n question here for you will there be another update for the public before the iOS 17 update comes in June? Thanks again

  27. Emil Secker

    I don’t have a green tint on my Apple Watch Ultra

  28. Frank Adams

    The 2 things I want most aren't likely to be seen in the near or far future.
    1st: tvOS with Safari as a core part or as an app.
    2nd: The 15" or 16" iPad Pro.

  29. Rose Stines

    My battery is draining faster than before n my mom’s iPhone 11 has been acting fool since the update

  30. Jay Tern

    Let’s gooo iOS 17 can’t wait 🎉

  31. Honda Freak

    My adapter works. You have to plug in the adapter by itself. A message popped up “downloading software for device” took like 10 min. Then showed a lil picture of the adapter in top left corner in blue. Then make sure under faceid your “accessories” is ticked ON

  32. Bangalee Kamara

    Can anyone kindly tell iPhone to change the keyboard layout. Typing back n forward for number is stressful. Getting command n period is bad. Give us options to setup up our keyboard as we want. This makes me want go back to Samsung.

  33. M Rence

    I just updated to Beta 16.6! It took an Hour!

  34. I will tune to watch the wwdc Apple event in June to see what Apple adds to iOS 17 I can’t wait to see the new dynamic island features like messages widgets and the control center Apple needs to add notifications to the dynamic island

  35. 2:43 it also happens to my apple watch series 7 after update which never happened like this before (mostly swipe down notification, swipe up for control center and passcode)

  36. David Baverstock

    I'm intrigued by your idiomatic phrase "what you are looking most forward to". Is that a US English constuction? Wouldn't standard English say "what you are looking forward to most"?

  37. nstig8or

    what about the mystery homekit update that came out too? never had a homekit update that you update from the home app in addition to homepod updates. i’ve noticed no difference – it didn’t say much about what it was, and neither did you 😊 any insights?

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