WWDC24 Is OFFICIAL! When It Is & What Apple Will Announce! Surprise Macs?!

Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference is official! In this video I reveal when WWDC24 will take place, how you can watch it live, and what new devices and software Apple will unveil.

Read more on WWDC 24: https://appleinsider.com/articles/24/03/26/wwdc-2024-will-show-off-apples-ai-efforts-on-june-10

Chapters ➡
0:00 Intro
0:12 What is WWDC
0:38 WWDC 2024 dates
0:47 How to watch WWDC keynote
1:59 What will Apple announce at WWDC24

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. @Tectectech

    I want them to release a 27 / 32 inch studio display with pro motion 120hz 😠

    It is stupid to have MacBook pro and iPad Pro 120hz but their own display monitor stuck at 60hz. This limits their Mac mini pro and Mac Studio user too.

    Time to upgrade their monitor (better chip too)

  2. @kyleh6984

    My Apple wishlist is all about
    Apple TV.
    4th Gen Apple TV 4K with A17 Pro chip and Wi-Fi 6E. Finally capable of playing console level games. Though it should also come with at least one Apple designed controller. Something that is a cross between an Xbox and PlayStation controller, like the Google Stadia one was.
    Home Screen Widgets.

  3. @genxtechguy

    Maybe they’ll finally announce the new iPads that have been on the horizon forever. 🙄

  4. I’d ❤ an Apple ring. Don’t wear watches…but, would like to monitor my health…& a ring would be fairly noninvasive.

  5. @geraldpolymath

    Still waiting for the new iPads to be released. All the tech YouTubers said 3/26/2024…. No iPads yet

  6. @arthurdardalis

    No point to this video… we all know how to stream the WWDC, the remaining content is full of (maybe, rumours, hearsay etc)

  7. Best thing about wwdc was seeing people actually using the device as they were talking about it. These days it’s just a long ad with very little substance. They should bring back the keynote, everything else thats new can just be a press release


    I need a minimum of a Mac mini pro M3 or a M3 Mac studio max preferably ultra though. Otherwise I’m forced to deal with just the M3 iMac for my stream. Oh yeah, and new monitors to go with all that.

    Also, I’d like to see an M3 Mac Pro come this year with an extreme chip not just the altered chip

  9. @DojoOfCool

    Apple please a M3 Mac Studio the perfect computer for developers AND creators.

  10. @JonasViatte

    Also overdue for an update: Magic keyboard which still has old lightning. I'm holding off buying one until they give it USB-C. Lightning is out of my life forever.

  11. Im excited for it, but the AI piece? "Imagine being able to access AI for help inside of Pages….like you currently can in Word with CoPilot…" Yeah thats innovative…sorry but MS and others are way ahead on this…Id settle for Siri providing me good directions or Apple Maps not getting me lost

  12. The worst part is that I’ll have a month where I don’t have school to distract me before the event…gonna be a good one I think

  13. Remember when they said it was official the m3 iPad Pro with oled was coming out this month.

  14. @daledevernon56

    AI is becoming more integral to the use of cell phones and as with Samsung I'm sure apple will introduce a subscription-based model at some point to offset the running costs of AI.

  15. @stanford19

    90 Hz for the MacBook Air wouldn't hurt, just saying

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