Xbox One S vs Xbox One X – Which One Should You Choose in 2019?

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Is the new XBOX One X console from Microsoft worth it over the previous XBOX One S console?

Surprisingly, the correct answer here is that it depends.

Depends on what, you might ask. Well, that’s what we’ll take a look at in this video, and we’ll also compare the two consoles on the hardware and performance.

0:00 Intro
0:56 Hardware
2:26 Intro to Performance
2:40 Performance: Xbox One S
3:10 Performance: Xbox One X
4:25 Conclusion


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  1. Kenneth Jones

    I mean some of the things you mentioned in your video isn't necessarily true. Such as the Xbox One S does have 4K capabilities but only in video playback such as YouTube, Netflix and 4K Blu-ray. The Xbox One S is more than capable of doing 4K video playback. Then you also mentioned if you don't own a 4K TV you're not really getting your money's worth if you bought an Xbox One X. That also is not true if you have just a 1080p TVMonitor then you still will have a better advantage over the Xbox One S such as smoother frame rates more support for 1080p gaming whereas the Xbox One S even with most games even struggles to play games at 1080p and are usually downscaled on the Xbox One S. I actually own both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X and I can tell you right now even playing games in 1080P the Xbox One X still has a better picture even at a 1080p resolution if I'm playing a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 I can easily tell just by looking at the horse's tail on the Xbox One X it doesn't look so pixelated where as it does on the Xbox One S because on the Xbox One S it's not running Red Dead Redemption at 1080p whereas on the Xbox One X we are getting a native 1080p resolution. And that goes just for about any game I play on my Xbox One X.

  2. GarudaDrgn00

    Went with the One S prefer the white, It makes the console stand out in contrast to the rest my setup. Everything looks awesome on the 4k side, and I couldn't pass up Master Chief Collection either! Zero regrets.

  3. Nicholas Bersito

    Xbox one s is lighter in weight compared to the one x is a little bit heavier cause of the 4K built in personally even tho the one x is the strongest Xbox ever made so far I would go with the one s especially if you don’t have a 4K tv and don’t care about playing games in native 4K one s for casual gaming

  4. kabir narang

    Bro can we add x box one game disc to x box one x to play

  5. kcyarnall

    I have played an Xbox one S that was not mine that I could play

  6. David Ellis

    Information about the TV made the decisions. Have a 4k TV but not in the games room so X box s in the one.

  7. Sorry Dior

    I swear the Xbox one s is delayed or sum I have both

  8. I have the original xbox one it's way too big and i don't have enough space in my room

  9. Retro cuh

    Xbox one s does come with 4K gaming hello

  10. Justin W

    I have the xbox one x. I'm impressed with it but just waiting on series x if it'll ever become available to general public

  11. Gary Lococo

    Even in today's standards the xbox one x is still a beast and its impressive

  12. Tz_Ad

    My xbox one x broke so i bought an s

  13. ocantu1987

    this makes perfect sense, I purchased an xbox one S back in November 2020 and played Valhalla, i got an xbox one X and played Valhalla again and I was blown away at the improvements!

  14. Xproto

    I have an 4k tv could Xbox one s handle 4K resolution? Like 4K battlefield 5 and is it worth it to upgrade from normal one to the s?

  15. Jesse

    Thank you very much madam 😍😍

  16. The xbox one x can take the 4k resolution and scale it down to your TVs basically upscaling from 720p to 4k

  17. Daniel O.

    I still have an OG Xbox One, and I just upgraded my tele to a 4k unit. I'm wondering is it worth it to pick up a X or S box? To complement the 4k capabilities? The upscaling or native.

  18. Kasia Chir

    I recomemed the xbox one s it looks Nice and BTW you dont need to have the xbox live Gold thing you Can get fortnite or roblox and many more so buy the xbox one s it has 1terabyte of storage or you Can buy the 500G version but buy the 1 terabyte its better and its cheaper

  19. Maurice Verburg

    Thank you so much… I shortly have a Xbox One and I'm verry happy with it on my ultra sharp 1080p samsung thnx again!

  20. residentgood

    You don't have buy next gen while game pass almost every game xbox one

  21. Sketch 8

    This video is so simple and informative 👏🏽

  22. Assasin Ninja


  23. AZI3623

    I normally play at 1080p so Xbox One S is for me

  24. Marc Ryan

    I'm selling my series s and going for the one x. Series s is a pule of shit, can't play games unless you upgrade to series x. Money money money, rip off

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