XBOX SERIES S is Still Better than PS5: 2 YEARS LATER!

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This Post Has 18 Comments

  1. Aj Daniel

    After 2 years, Xbox only had one good exclusive. Xbox is garbage compared to PlayStation. Its not even a competition anymore

  2. 323 2jz

    The ps3 did better than thee 360 on the long run. The ps4 sold way more than the xbox, ps5 has been killing the x series since day one. What planet you living on? Ps will kill the xbox again

  3. Young_Hov

    You are not even worth arguing with at this point. For you to have all the systems and yet you still think the X-Box Series S is better then the PS5 is beyond retarded!! And you never go full retarded. That means I can not trust your recommendations and professional outlook on electric devices when I really need advice on what devices to consider buying in the future. Sorry but you have just lost a subscriber. 👋🏽✌🏽🤦🏽

  4. Jsh Jsh

    Developers want to cancel that thing

  5. Robbi Terry

    there is a reason it is cheaper…. ps5 all the way…

  6. LOW-KEY

    The controller itself is 70.00 dollars

  7. Leazon08

    Bruh wildn. The whole point in having a GAME CONSOLE is to have games to play, and Xbox ain't got it yet

  8. PeDrO Velez Jr

    Xbox since they first cameout has never been better then any playstation sustem. Playstation been #1 since day 1 !

  9. steven brott

    Only If you have 1 choice I use a pc then a ps5 for exclusives why have a pc and Xbox kinda redundant

  10. OldDadaGamer

    being able to run the Xbox system on a PC monitor and get the 120frames per second made it the perfect choice for me. 1440p native means I can grab a 2k 144htz monitor for cheap and actually receive the benefits of the 120fps gaming. unlike playstation, where you at the time, had to buy a $1,500 tv to be able to even benefit from 120frames on the next gen.

  11. Reggie Jordan

    When they release an S with 1TB storage then I’ll buy one again for travel. I had one before and I’m sure it was a bad unit, but certain next gen games would freeze at boot up. Like Marvel Avengers, Madden 21, MLB 21.

  12. Da Ru

    Nice bait but no PS5 is still smacking xbox on new AAA titles but series s is still great value. But the sales say otherwise as well PS5 is outselling both s/x by millions.

  13. Big T Tech

    your comment confuses me because I checked out the most played video games 🎮 in 2022 and out of 10 games 2 are Xbox exclusive and 4 are on PlayStation and Xbox has 4 plus Xbox has over 1500 games and for people to say they are all trash shows me you never played on any Xbox recently And you are bias and I’m not bias ever I own very Xbox and every PlayStation very made including VR and more

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