Xiaomi 14 Pro SD8Gen3 Overheating Issues? Thermals & Benchmarks

Xiaomi 14 Pro overheating issue? A look at SD8Gen3 benchmarks, Anutu, geekbench 6, wildfire stress test, and Genshin Impact performance. I bought this 12/256GB Xiaomi 14 Pro here: https://tradingshenzhen.com/en/xiaomi-14-xiaomi-14-pro/xiaomi-14-pro-12gb256gb?affp=28685


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  1. Profesor MNE

    The video i was watiting for, did SDGen3 heating like SDGen1 was πŸ‘ŒπŸ» What about battery life because on my Xiaomi 12 afther last update is terible…

    To be honest, SD Gen2 is already powerful enough.

    My opinion is, Xiaomi GameTurbo dosent work like they should be if you compare some other phones wich similar option, or some CPU's/GPU's on Xiaomi devices simpli are not optimised, they just realising simple aplication to bust CPU clocks to the max and give you some extra features and that is it.. I was testing a lot GameTurbo on Xiaomi devices and was always much better performance on cheaper phones, no hot, no lags, better battery managements, better frame rate etc…

  2. Handynutzer 1234

    I'm curious how the new Dimensity 9300 will be in comparison to the 8 Gen 3.

  3. GeneralLust

    This might be because of SD Gen 3.
    Will see more when SG Ultra will release soon.

  4. Alfa Rio

    Is this happend on Pro model only or both.??
    Because i recently watch another video review of basic 14 model said there is no throthling at all and quite low temps than previous gen chipset

  5. Isaac Babji

    I have had a problem with Miui and notifications. I wonder if this also has the same issues?

  6. Popliy

    Thats why i have xiaomi and iPhone. I love them both. Thanks for the review

  7. Furieux

    O shiet..πŸ˜‚ 8gen3 the best… on draining battery. I know not all time but use 4/5g outside full brightness, open google maps, other background games apps. And the sot its close to s22ultra. Not s23u. S23u actually the best. I hope qualcomm and tsmc trying better efficient chip now, not power… Power its crazy good, but trottling and battery wearing hard usage apps games, camera, maps its crazy… i think 8gen 3 to 8gen2 same efficient. 8gen3 its like compare 11900k vs 13900k… not good. I choose 8gen2. Smartphone not must hard power processor, but efficient battery. Sorry for my english. 8gen3 hard usage draw about 40% more. Crazy… πŸ˜‚ Soo… s23ultra can easy 6h sot recording 4k, but xiaomi? 3.5/4h?

  8. Jaafar Almusaad

    A simple "cheat" would be to place the phone in the fridge while running the benchmarks to get the maximum "theoretical" performance.

  9. zodiacfml

    I'm not certain but this is happening for several years now where Xiaomi releases a new phone and it always benches well at the cost of heat and battery life. I want to know how good Gen 3 truly is like with restricted power budget that is equal to the iPhone.

  10. TecnoGurus

    45c and up it’s too hot. But it’s Xiaomi and has the same damn problem with high temps model after model

  11. Aozei Ayo

    can you review Z50 Ultra & Moto edge 40 pro

  12. George

    Xiaomi is king. King of overheating. I can use my redmi note 10 pro to cook an egg

  13. Sd8+ gen 1 is the balance performance and usability. From apple its a16 bionic. They should stop from there.

  14. Habib Huseynov

    After global release Xiaomi will suffocate that cpu ))) Using Poco F5 Pro after 20 minute fps downing from 90 to 60 in Cod mobile))))Whatever Thank You For Video Boss!)

  15. Kalsang Tashi


  16. bushgreen

    Did you run every benchmark and the gaming test in performance mode?

  17. RANDOM

    80% stability would be good and would keep phone a bit cooler

  18. Only Adel

    The only phones that can handle that much power are ones with internal cooler such as Redmagic or Asus i have a Redmagic 8s pro and when i do the stress test i have a stability of 99.8% and score 5580 +- 10

  19. Mr. P

    I have one question for you should buy Chinese ROM version Xiaomi 14 Pro or should wait for global ROM version??

  20. R A

    the Australian accent is great 😁 GIN 3 versus GIN 2

  21. Jerry Why

    The selfie camera is too far down this year

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