Xiaomi Gaming Laptop – Worth the Risk?

Dave2D first impressions of Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop. Xiaomi’s best gaming laptop product to date.
Alternative Laptop – https://amzn.to/2pLjvPG

Xiaomi’s surprising new gaming laptop looks quite impressive with its aluminum chassis and clean sleek look. It’s also the first laptop to have bottom lit RGB lighting. The Mi Gaming Laptop comes with a 15.6 inch HD panel, Kaby Lake Core i7-7700HQ, NVIDIA GTX 1060, 16GB of RAM, 256GB NVMe SSD and 1TB mechanical hard drive. Other variants will also be available with lower specs.

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  1. Dave2D

    I wish the Xiaomi Gaming laptop was cheaper, but it's good to see new competitors in this space. Thanks for watching!

  2. BISVIZ Studio

    I use Xiaomi phone because it's worth the price.

    Xiaomi only bought when the price is the cheapest at a certain price range.

  3. Schar Ar

    Hey bro… could u plz review this model.. it has verrrrry good price and config.. but .. Hasee Z9-CT7PK Laptop

  4. Can you please give a review for Hassee G8-CT7NK (Intel Core I7-9750H+RTX 2060/16GB RAM/256G SSD+1T HDD/17.3'' IPS 144Hz 72%NTSC) Hasee Notbook which cost US $1,213 on aliexpress ?!

  5. jort koolen

    can you check out the Lenovo S540? it looks really cool.

  6. Tommy BRO

    Never buy a chinese product. It's full of fuckery and not number one.

  7. 1ceCreamPize

    Hope oneplus release a gaming laptop with i9 and 2080 with only half the price of other sell

  8. Jerry Doe

    Filled with backdoors, remember Huawei ? both are controlled by China.

  9. eilegz

    any review of current new xiaomi gaming laptop 2019

  10. oReserved

    someone is selling this on eBay for 500 dollars should I purchase or is it a scam lol

  11. User1010

    Hey Dave, Xiaomi has a new 2019 version of the gaming laptop, it's more improved! Please do a review!!

  12. Eli Chao

    in 2019, i got the i7-9750H, RTX2060. The price is the same as the 1660 version last year in 2018. This is an AMAZING value. I bought it for 9000rmb for 16GB of RAM + 1TB of SSD, 9000rmb=1250USD.

  13. Aee Bee Cee

    So good at design but I want 10th i7
    This just take 8th

  14. UDHA

    It's highl price for the specs

  15. nao



    Don't underestimate Xiaomi , they are making good quality products at the low cost. In India people had similar mindset about it's electronic goods and boy, they broke that barrier with quality and pricing ratio.

  17. DAVID Yue

    I've been waiting this video for too long

  18. ASHWIN J

    But this laptop is better than dumb alienware products which heat up and damages itself after long time usage

  19. Harry Pothead

    Does it blow up in your face when you play ? Issa joke no offense

  20. MaD Hatter

    Aqui no Brasil deve custar preço de uma moto.

  21. Mark Luther

    i dont know why you present the xiaomi line as a risk!! i have been using a mi pro for 3 years now and : the battery is still in 99% health , still starts up like its brand new, still in love the design, the keyboard has not lost its travel , its a great lap top , one of the best around , honestly its a great machine, the only lap top that can compare with apple for built capability.

  22. google predator

    Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7-8750H Hexa Core 15.6" 72% NTSC FHD Screen 1920*1080 GeForce® GTX1050 Ti 4GB DDR5 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD 1TB HDD – Deep Gray

  23. Rex Galilae


    I listen to this on loop whenever I'm out shopping for a new laptop

  24. Rage

    Can you please review the new Xiaomi Redmi G gaming laptop

  25. Badzylla

    There's a laptop in my country tha is 600 dollars and has a gtx 1050ti with a ryzen 5 3550h

  26. Hadi Salem

    does any one know a reliable value for the battery life of this device? Would help a lot.

  27. David ml

    Hello, great video. Could you tell me in what order the drivers for this laptop are installed? Thank you

  28. oto turmanidze

    people pls someone tell me is it woth to buy gaming laptop? i am suffering by so many google searches and facebook made posts
    p.s. i choosed legion

  29. Misty Day

    i need an update, on your thoughts about it after 2 years of using?? Has there been any new cons?

  30. Bryan Mananna

    Just watch your video and when listen the opening make me feel like battle with Scorpion 😅

  31. TTF Robotics

    Hello, Anyone can solve Mi Gaming Laptop I7-7700HQ keyboard backlight is turns off every 15 seconds?

  32. parzival

    Can someone give me Amazon link of this laptop

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