XPS 13 (2017) Review – 60% Faster!!!

Dave2D review of the Dell XPS 13. The best laptop from Dell for students and professionals.
XPS 13 Here – http://amzn.to/2gFQ0L8
Skins from – https://dbrand.com/dell-xps-skins

Their new thin and light laptop with the quad core 8th gen Kaby Lake R CPU. This thing is way faster versus the 7th gen CPU for multi-core applications.

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Fili – The Day Dream

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  1. Dave2D

    8th Gen CPU's are lit. Quad Core Ultrabooks are the future! Thanks for watching =)

  2. Warren McClure

    I know Im a little late watching this but awesome review Dave. I love watching the videos you post, you make them interesting and fun to watch(:

  3. werder

    one question im always asking myself: why do you need a RED camera for those shots? I mean, if i had the budget id probably get one, too. But you don't really need it 😀

  4. 2much

    Am i the only with the touch screen version with flashing problem? The screen flashes like every 20 30 second its annoying

  5. Michael Cruz

    Hey D2D do you think this laptop can handle adobe premiere pro easily?

  6. s ga

    If a laptop can do email and watch you tube Ill buy it.

  7. Ramzi Ghadban

    I wanted to finally get rid of my HP Celeron 1000M and buy an ultrabook. My favorite in terms of aesthetics are the MacBook Pro, the Surface Laptop, and the XPS 13. ‪But the MacBook Pro has its flimsy keyboard, the Surface Laptop has its dirty Alcantara, and the XPS has its coil whine—it's a lose-lose-lose situation. ‬

  8. i saw all your reviews in in short span of time and i am typing this on my new xps 13 8th gen, cheers

  9. Google Google

    Can it charge from USB-C port?
    What about battery life on this model?

  10. Sipho ncube

    Hello guys. As abit of a tech novice I was wondering if anyone could please tell me if you can watch 4K videos on this laptop? Thanks

  11. Dead Blast

    Hey, i want to know about Thinkpad E580 laptop. Is there any users. Of so please give me some details.

  12. Is xps13 is capable of handling high end architectural softwares, does the Intel GPU is capable

  13. Anton Amelekhin

    Did they ask you to say about the "above average" customer support and you couldn't manage to make anything up?

  14. SeeTowSam

    Does the 4 finger gesture swipe (virtual desktop swiping) work on your 9360? It doesn’t work for mine, are there touchpad drivers I’m missing?

  15. Khlowd

    Dammnnn! You film your videos with a RED. Talk about overkill XD

  16. Brian

    I got the 9370 and it ROCKS! i7 16gb ram and a fast 512ssd with 4K screen… LOVE IT!

  17. Final Fantasy

    Not sure if I should get this laptop and install Hackintosh or should get 2017 Macbook Pro base model.

  18. Arya Twirl

    is the fhd color gamut that little because of dynamic brightness ? or it is just that little? kinda disappointed because i want to buy the fhd one

  19. FutureV

    dell's laptop support is trash. Got this 9360 when it came out and i'm here reminiscing on how sweet it looked when i received it. Mine took a major hit and the chassis/palmrest is damaged. Dell wants me to wait 30 days before i can make a claim. They were also iffy about the cost even though i have accidental damage coverage. Probably gonna just go through a third party to get it fixed proper. Unless you wanna throw me your old 9360 dave!

  20. 2much

    Does anyone else have insane screen flickering issue with the xps 13 9630, its so annoying and none of the solution works

  21. Adrian Khaz.

    On this video i see two youtuber icons and three videos to watch next (1 from another channel)? Youtube is bugging out or what?

  22. Gurvinder Padda

    I just got the i5 7200U for $800 CAD (in rose gold). Its the FHD with Touch.
    Still feel like I should’ve got quad-core 🙁 Should I regret ?

  23. Ivan

    You can charge it via USB-C

  24. Eulie Tan

    Hello Sir Dave.. can you recommend a laptop good for us, Virtual assistants. 🙂

  25. Sanjoy Roy

    Can i charge this laptop with mobile usb c power bank ?

  26. Brian Builes

    Hey Dave! As long as your a local admin you should be able to switch to High Performance mode from local gpedit. go-to administrative, system, power options than choose a active plan. Cheers!

  27. H M

    had this dell xps about 1 year

    with 8 gen CPU 8gb of Ram

    interestingly …
    Still like it
    very happy with it

  28. Sunny T

    should i get the 2017 xps 13 for 700cad or the 2020 xps 13 for 1000?

  29. Craig Cooper

    I bought one of these, and this video makes me feel good about my choice 🙂

  30. TDR

    Anyone watching this in 2021? Lol I have this model and looking to upgrade.

  31. Maaz Ahmed

    I can relate your videos to asmr , it's actually great content man , keep it up!

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