You have something that could be worth $1265. What is it?

It’s giveaway time! Today, I want your mobile phone number.
Why? I want to market to you, of course!
Enter here:

Signup to receive our texts during the month of April and you are automatically entered into a drawing for a free Squale 1521 Polished Ocean watch and bracelet.

April 1-30 2024
Squale Giveaway
Official Rules:
Winner will be announced first week of May 2024!

Good luck!


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  1. @aldo9923

    I’m pretty sure I already know the answer but my privacy focused mind has to ask. Will data collected be only for your companies use or do you sell it? Is it stored securely?


  2. @nukadog1969

    Twould be a great birthday gift, given the timing…fingers way crossed

  3. @babygerald4645

    Done and done. The honesty and forthright approach from Marc and LIW is impossible to resist. I'm so happy to see this brand grow and grow.

  4. @FT4Freedom

    Ok Mark. I signed up…but only because I like you. Keep up the good work.

  5. @xgford94

    I’m in, might actually get some spam worth reading πŸ˜‚, but seriously it’s nice to be actually asked

  6. @exsleepyink

    Yes please! So weird, I was just sending links to my watch friends and talking about this being my favorite diver, today.

  7. @jimlima4066

    Thanks Mark!! Appreciate your generosity. Always a down too earth great guy πŸ‘

  8. @MrGeirSteinar

    Man, I don’t think I’ve ever given away my phone number that fast πŸ˜‡

  9. @edmccracken7378

    Does it help that I just bought your watch a Henry archer and 2 leather bands from u lol

  10. Thanks mark! I just wish I had some money when I got the text messages on those deals! Hopefully I win 😎

  11. @williamsipe1151

    Not to put you on the spot, but where are some places giveaways are prohibited?

  12. @danieljones3683

    I was already signed up but I entered again for a chance at the Squale

  13. @illiBrand

    DONE! Thanks Marc!! That Squale is πŸ’™ illi BRAND colors πŸ’™

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