You Need This To Make Your Desktop Look Amazingly Different From Others

Want to make your desktop look different & better than others? This video will help you to achieve that. Make your desktop look better & smarter than others in 2023!

Necessary Links:


Dock Icons & Backup:


Skin Pack:


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  1. Belal Al

    can you please make a dual monitor setup

  2. E & H Baltazar

    Problem is I cannot download your folder from google drive. 🙁

  3. vionx

    And yet another video this man never stops, his vid or amazing and incredible

  4. ٴ

    what if I use firefox instead of chrome?

  5. Prohodaction

    how is it going?-like-this is splendid edition!brother- =))

  6. aryan gupta

    You and tech rifle should collab.bring something banger.btw i loved the new desktop


    Ok now that's actually cool. Gonna try this rn!

    Thanks for the video bro

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