You SHOULD BUY an M2 Mac mini INSTEAD of a MacBook!

Apple did something truly outstanding with the new M2 Mac mini, by offering a great desktop computer at an even lower price that truly makes it a much better value when you compare it against Apple’s MacBook lineup. The introduction of the new M2 Pro Mac mini only solidifies this even further by finally giving Mac users a mid-range level desktop at a midrange level price that could end up being the first stop for pro level Mac users.

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Or if you need a MacBook
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  1. Erik Westre

    They serve different purposes. A Mac mini is somewhat portable, but not especially suited for a commute with train, bus or plane. As you would have to carry a display too.

  2. Bishal Kar

    How are you saving $ 400? . You need a mouse $100 , keyboard $100, monitor $ 200 and counting.

  3. Lukepuke311

    the mac mini is cheaper in a vacuum but you need tons of accessories

  4. Fu K

    I've got a 2019 Macbook Pro, Definitly going for the Mac Mini, While I still go out with my laptop almost every day, It's still working fine and fast enough, Though I could use a Mac Mini for deep work when at home.

  5. Dominic Weiß

    I totally agree with you. I use a iPad-Desktop Mac combination for many years now. And that works great for me. I can do everything i need on the go with my iPad and at home i have my Desktop Mac.
    I would only buy a MacBook if i could afford only one device.
    With that cheaper option in buying a MacMini i could pick up this both devices and and up at the same price level as if i has bought a MacBook and beeing much more versatile

  6. Nonth Suriyan

    How did you know there are people like me who never disconnect their laptop from a monitor 🥹

  7. I use the Mac Mini together with my MacBook Air. With Synergy I can seamlessly work from the Macbook Air's screen to the screens connected to the Mac mini. The Mini is a file server for me and my wife. It makes Time Machine backups. It does the downloading via VPN. It does Plex and two camera systems can record to it as well so it is also a NAS.

    The nice thing with this setup is that I don't have cables in my MacBook Air and still be able to use big screens (2x 40" Philips TV's 4k).

  8. EDC Gadgets

    I do travel with my Mac mini.
    It's totally my MacBook replacement. I don't own a MacBook anymore.
    When on small trip by train it's just the Mac mini, 16" portable USB-C monitor and ultra portable mouse and keyboard. I do work on it in the train and at my destination (friends, hotel, family). I always have my 12.9" iPad Pro with me, so I even have an additional screen via sidecar.
    This package is super light and compact and fits in a small backpack together with a lot other stuff. I like traveling with it.
    If I go by car and stay for longer time and love to do some gaming, I take the Razer Core X eGPU with me (it's Intel Mac mini and I have boot camp on it. This works fantastic, I do use this setup quite frequently when I'm at family or friends for more than a week.
    I love that I have this device and the freedom to travel with it and use it anywhere I have a power outlet!
    1 consider modding it to 12V and powering it with a big 12V power bank..

  9. Garrus Vakarian

    Should have been $200 cheaper, with all Macs upgraded to 500GB storage by default. Besides that it is ok. $1300 USD is almost $2000 after tax in Canada. It is not cheap.

  10. Raghav Bhalla

    Currently using an m1 Mac Mini, Windows Desktop, M1 MacBook Air.. Surprisingly I find all of them perfectly useful for their own use case. Watching Videos/Content Writing is something I always tend to do on the iPad (have Magic Keyboard too).. While web development/photoshop/ai is something I always do on the MBA. Stuff like After Effects/Premier Pro is something for which I always turn to my Windows Desktop, and this is what I plan to replace with the m2 pro Mac mini, (even MBA M1 Air handles these tasks like a champ but the battery can go down fast and the 1st preference for such work is always a 4k Monitor).. So I would say, it’s always super hard to go with 1 of the either logic, in reality. They all have their own use cases 🙂 If I have to pick 1 to replace ALL devices, then I’d suggest the 14inch Macbook pro (now m2).. if you can afford multiple then best to have a multi device workflow where you have a specific use case for each device, just my 2 cents 🙂

  11. MLC70

    I’m looking for something to edit my photos. Our 10 yr old all in one iMac 27” is dated and wore out, although I think I can use the wireless keyboard and mouse with a new mini. I have a new LG ultra wide 29” still in the box. Not sure if I can get by with M2 mini or should I go with M2 Pro mini?

  12. Jon

    But the display on the macbook pro is pretty damn good! haha

  13. Will Ambrose

    I have mini m1, logitech mouse, mac keyboard and this is hooked to 65' TCL Roku TV. I want 16gb m2 mini and can get $400 trade in value on m1. Have not seen offer for more than 8gb on Amazon or apple store. I love using my mac on big screen.

  14. Mikal Kiel Li

    I think I’m set for now..I have the 14 inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro (1TB/16GB)…iPhone 14 Pro Max (256GB)…and iPad Pro M2 (256GB)…

  15. Rolando Vargas

    You brought some excellent points in this video! One thing you didn't mention regarding the portability aspect of the equation, though, which is my case and the case of many others:

    If your out and about workload consists of relatively simple tasks and/or lightweight programs use, and you ALREADY have an old Macbook lying around (whether it's an M1 or, as in my case, an intel-based Macbook), you ALREADY have the portability aspect of your equation. Sure, you will definitely notice the speed difference between your at-home Mac Mini and your out and about Macbook, but if your workload consists anyways of lightweight tasks or if you can reserve heavier workloads/program use when you're back home, it shouldn't be an issue.

    I plan on getting an M2 Mac Mini with 512GB SSD (still thinking about whether or not to upgrade to 16GB of RAM), while still holding on to my 2018 Intel i5 Macbook Pro whenever I need to do some med school related work while I'm out and about.

    Edit: The value of the M2 Mac Mini vs any M2-based Macbook relies heavily on whether you already have a mouse, keyboard, and – most importantly – a monitor lying around. As mentioned in the video, I'm one of those who used their macbook 90% of time in clamshell mode hooked to a monitor and therefore already had all three of those. I can see how for some people that don't already have those, the Macbooks, especially the Air, can seem like a better deal since it's an all-in-one alternative.

  16. I just ordered my mini after going through this internal struggle. Then this video pops up! 😂

  17. Bah Humbug

    I had a mini M1, then I got the M1 max 14 inch. Mini is great for a desktop and during the pandemic I was stuck at home. But now I travel a lot and 14 inch max has been awesome to dock into my studio display or take on the plane. But I am super tempted with the m2 mini now with it's price, it would be nice to have it as a desktop and use a 15.5 inch future macbook air as a travel laptop.

  18. I wish there was a way to configure the M2 Pro Mac Mini to have 24gb of RAM. If I'm buying a new computer, I really want at least that amount. So I would have to go with 32gb. When you configure to 32gb and get the non-binned M2 Pro, you are at the same price as the Mac Studio, which while it may have slightly lower cpu power, it has much more graphics power, much better cooling, faster memory bandwidth, more encoders/decoders, more ports, 10gb ethernet without needing to pay an add'l $100, better resale value, and i'm sure some other things I am forgetting. With all of that said, it's still not an easy choice to go with the M1 Max (binned) Mac Studio, but it is really, really, really not an easy choice to go with the Mac Mini over the studio. Only if you're fine with 16gb of ram, fine with gb ethernet, fine with the binned M2 Pro, will it be worth getting over the studio. Anyway, my point is – choosing the M2 Pro Mac Mini is not an easy choice, not because it's not a great computer and a great value – it is both of those things – it is just that it occupies this weird place between two more compelling options at their respective price points.

  19. Bernie Larrivee

    I've been running my music studio on a 2012 mini and I've been waiting for the M2 to show up. I'm getting the M2 pro model for the "future proofing" and added ports. Yes I know I could add external thunderbolt hubs etc, but I'd rather not deal with the clutter so I'll spend the extra $ now for 32g RAM and 1tb storage hoping to get another 10 years out of this one.

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