You won’t believe the flashlight this phone has

Ulefone Armor 24 is one giant smartphone with an amazingly bright LED on the back.


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  1. desepairnei

    Ulephone not sales???🤔 Let's put something easy like a bigger flash😅

  2. Smithson52

    The funny thing is that the Pixel 8 Pro already has a super bright flashlight for a smartphone.

  3. Gaurav Hasabnis

    Wrong comparison. The ulephone has dedicated led strip for emergency light. Compare only flashlight for a fair comparison.

  4. Hey there I bought a light which attached a phone. Which can make call and take pictures 😮

  5. nightowl

    I want to buy a phone not a flashlight 🔦 😅

  6. Praise Jhon

    Correct Caption: You Won't Believe the Phone this Flashlight Have. 🫱🏾‍🫲🏽

  7. Hugo Pablo

    Cuanta iluminación quieres en el teléfono?
    Ulefon: SI

  8. RemixedVoice

    Dang I want that feature on every phone lol I don't care if it's uglier

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