Your Budget Gaming PC Will Become E-Waste Soon #pcgaming


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  1. @ProtoType4588

    reminder ending support for a os means you just need a dedicated antivirus program it does not mean the operating system stops working it just means going forward any new security flaws wil not be patched however virusscaners still get the majority of the security patches

    for most of the people that means going back to a similar situation as windows 7 because the majority of systems had bricked windows update that could never fix itself unless you went into cmd to fix it now the average joe wont do that so i bet most of you were blissfully unaware

    alot of people were also blissfully unaware that svchost/trustedinstaller was constantly using 100% processor on their system and just accepted that their system was just slow instead of figuring out it was the stupid windows update that kept trying over and over with the same error XD

  2. @TheTyfreeman

    I mean you'd hope that 8th gen intel era hardware will be the ultra budget in October of next year

  3. instructions unclear. rufus usb tool exists… i installed windows 11 on a core 2 duo before! and i have also installed it on 2nd 3rd n 4th gen core i series before also!

  4. @haza4147

    There is an easy solution just use tiny 11 itโ€™s just a stripped down version that can run on older hardware

  5. @LoudFlameKing

    So why is ryzen 1000 not supported but everything after that is?

  6. @fixit2569

    And here I am, win 7 on i5 6-gen… LOL, I don't care about what Microsoft does.

  7. @guildpilotone

    Game using Linux. No license fee, and a huge and growing percentage of games on Steam run just fine. This is a good window to be dumping Windoze outright.

  8. @teodor9

    I have R5 2400 G and i can't instal windows 11

  9. @Toysourboy

    For the life of me I refuse to use windows 11. Its a buggy glitchy mess. If it means i have to switch I'll install microsoft server edition (windows 10 but for servers) since i know its still supported.

  10. @larshegele926

    In my opinion, they won't block unsupported Hardware, because they will loose a lot of users

  11. I've been gaming on Nobara, ChimeraOS, and WinesapOS for a while now. Last time I gamed on Windows was 2004 while emulating SNES games. I recently got back into pc gaming on a Steam Deck. I use Windows for work, updating firmware on Xbox SX controllers, but not for gaming.

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