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This is a problem that happens on the Android TV Box, you can’t install any files from the Google Play Store. PUBG MOBILE YOUR DEVICE ISN’T COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION?

Let me show you a simple work around to resolve this problem.

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  1. charlize

    adorable home isnt compatible on ny device

  2. Andrew Trucker

    not compatible with my acer its only on your devise that the button for google play is on the right my button is on left

  3. WowsiePerson

    Don't fall for this! He's trying to destroy your play store data! Britec09 is a Clickbaiter

  4. Rex

    What! BRUH I did everything right!

  5. LesQ AMC

    fake news xd

    the program you are talking about .. shows accurate information about the device.

    but you forgot my friend about the software of many smaller companies that load into devices imported from china.

    since the new company was established
    Alphabet Inc.

    then algorithms were created that just check the operating system version and discover the contents of the google store for the device version.

    Google did not predict one issue or fraud of some producers ..

    it used to be that the android version was adapted to the quality or rather the device's hardware performance.

    today a lot of people import goods from china .. uploads an old software and sells a lot of equipment that is good but has an older version of android.

    so YouTube's algorithms don't protect your hardware … how they were supposed to do that.

    and help fraudsters by limiting market access for consumers.

    What to do, since there are a lot of mediocrities working for them.

    google is based in different countries and often these sites are not operating as a parent company. and no one even watches over …: D

    make things very difficult for consumers … where the company loses them because new online stores are already being created.

    probably it will take a little longer than Google will lose the advantage on the world market .. but this is not excluded.

    you can fix it in many ways or Google owners will embrace and see what is happening in their companies in the world: D

    or someone will compete with them and no one will use the google store .. and someone who plays fair.

    great material after all, I think you have to think about how to get around soft thief.

    plus that microsoft has taken over a significant part of the market and people pay for what they actually see …

    I just value these: D

    because the equipment does not belong to the one who sells it, but to the company from which it comes out.

    and new software on the market does not go in the direction that certain companies should go.

    you have to work around it, you will have to bend all softs that are produced in the world by leading companies in many countries.

    then people will honestly get what they paid for 🙂

    in many countries around the world, many companies rob people

    Unfortunately, Google has consciously contributed to this or not: D

    you have to think about how to work around the software of several companies
    I am already working on it and I will create something, I hope, something without copyright .. so that the kids have full access to Google content.

  6. Thuta Aung

    Not work android version 7.0 need mine is 4.4.4

  7. Jarold Coros


  8. mark scanlon

    Hi I've just bought a mbox Q+ but the Google store app says error. And I can't load it. Any ideas ? , I've messages the seller who says they will get a solution but nothing yet. Thanks!😱✌

  9. Zulfi Parker

    Thanks for the vid👍. I installed an app for the playstore but as soon as i start it, it closes. Any suggestions please.

  10. Jude S. Ontario

    I've cleaned the google play store, services all data, cache, storage. It don't work on my android. I will try the google frame work and such next. Thanks!

  11. Mac David

    I tried that on my Samsung GT-s7560 but it brought me the error of retrieving information from server

  12. q q

    Plz help me,it doesn't work for me…
    my phone version is 4.2 kit kat is it why it doesn't work?

  13. BlissfullSakura

    aww this didn't work. I have a 'Moto G4+ (Plus)' if anyone can help

  14. SuperNickid

    @Britec09: I don't want to deleted my Mario kart tour save file. But if that is the only way without hacking then I have no choice. it did not work for me

  15. Girly Gamer2649

    Thanks! if anyone was wondering this works with LD Player as well !

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