You’ve been eating bananas wrong all your life

Find out the correct way to eat a banana. This is how monkeys eat bananas. After watching this, you’ll never eat a banana the same way again.

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  1. Lee Fudge

    Ummm, not sure that this is important to anybody 🙁

  2. Keith

    When I eat alot of bananas my arms get longer and hairy and I have a tendency to climb trees!! Great Vid.

  3. Louise Frazer

    But you get that horrible little black bit at that end! I note you didn't actually chomp into it!! Cos you had that little black bit!!! (1:25!!)
    I was browsing your channel to see if you have done a video on OneDrive and how to share files using O365 – any chance you have done or could do a video on that?

  4. Sowmya Shenoy B

    Thank you soo much!! My parents and I argued for almost 20 mins discussing what is the right way to eat a banana. Your video helped alot. However I lost. My parents were so happy that they won the argument. Silly talks like these actually make our day. ❤️❤️

  5. Cảm Phạm

    The way to eat a banana is to peel it off and put it in your mouth ok😤


    I know banana 🍌 is radioactive ☢️ but it's delicious 😋

  7. Puffhell

    Bananas are supposed to have some kind of branch to hold like 6 or 8 of them. I guess thats why people peel it the other side

  8. SiljCBcnr

    Eating a banana wrong, yeah right. You do realize you are a total douchebag, don't you? People around you must love you 😂

  9. pothuss


  10. I just bite the step making a slit and peeling it also apes are more like brothers then monkeys just saying

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