Zen CPU Swap: Unleash the Power of the Latest Architecture — Tech Deals Guide

This video is a highlight from The Rogue Tech Show. This segment has been cut straight from the live stream, in an easy to digest portion!
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Zen CPU Swap: Unleash the Power of the Latest Architecture — Tech Deals Guide
Best CPU upgrade for Zen 1 and Zen 2 owners
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Zen CPU Swap: Unleash the Power of the Latest Architecture — Tech Deals Guide


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  1. I’ve had a 5700x cpu for the last 12 months, as long as your good at tuning it with pbo2 and don’t put too much negative on the most preferred cores the other cores don’t mind more negative on them it’s a perfect cpu as it doesn’t create too much heat so always stays on boost within its temp limits, works great for me and I don’t see the benefits of upgrading to a 5900x or higher.

  2. @DraughanTV

    Papa Deals is in town ? Let me grab a snack before it beggins !

  3. @Voidsworn

    So, for a b450, what should i upgrade my 1600af to?

  4. @Meansoduck

    I think people get the wrong idea when it comes to how you view low core count cpus… it's not necessarily that they are bad in it of themselves, but it's how they stack up in terms of value compared to other similar products. If the 5600x was like, $140 and the 5700x was $200 then I could see the justification for the lower core count part. But, it doesn't make any sense to not get the 5700x if it's only a $30-40 price difference, and ESPECIALLY in this case where it's a 7 dollar price difference.

  5. @danip.1346

    I have a B350 mobo and 5800x3d. Upgraded from 1600 then 3600 then the x3D. Both upgrades were noticeable.

  6. using the 5800x the last month time, it killed my cheap 240mm aio cpu cooler the first 2 days I had it!didnt know the 5800x was overclocked and hot from the get go!had to watch 3 yt vids about undervolting and used an old trusty esports duo 34 cpu cooler!now its silent! I like the load it crunches in premiere pro with the 96gb ram I have installed, wanted to see what the top build am4 would do, meaning I thought I would spend the about 500 dollars on the 5950x but its about the same price for an butt kicking intel build with 13-14700k!

  7. @ionelroza

    I'm going to change my 3700X from my NAS to a Ryzen 5, not because I need the Zen 3 performance, I don't care about that. It needs to be the cheapest Zen 3 CPU because I want to test if it will resolve the USB issues and random freezing problems that I had with that PC since almost the begining. I've already changed a few motherboards and RAM kits, but not the CPU, so I suspect that's the issue.
    My use case is sitting on the desktop and reading from some Reds and Exos HDDs.

  8. the only problem i noticed is sometimes the 5700x get less fps than 5600x but in raw gaming with clean setup
    when windows start collecting trash files extra 2 cores is better
    and i wanna address 5800x is actually better than 5700x because its a batter bin and have more clock speed

  9. @janzki83

    Bought 5700x and decent cpu cooler from black friday sale, first time i ever installed cpu my self or updated bios, r5 2600 was the one i upgraded and trained with it before installing new one😂 working smoothly without any kind of problems.

  10. @donald55482

    Built a 5700x based system in March 2023 when everyone was saying AM4 is dead and I should get the 7600x or something similar on AM5. Knowing that I hold onto machines for well over 5 years at a time, and rarely play new AAA demanding games, the 5700x has been incredible. I also felt vindicated avoiding AM5 and x3D parts since a few months later parts were burning up in people's systems, part of why I try and buy into mature platforms and avoid "new" ones. I'm sure if I bought the 5800x3d or something AM5, I could have enjoyed an extra 30fps or something, but my wallet enjoyed having the extra hundred bucks left over way more, which I then promptly spent on an NH-D15, lmao

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