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Zenbook Pro UX580 Review – TWO SCREENS!

The 2018 Zenbook Pro UX580 has a 5.5″ 1080p Screen on the Touchpad and is the best laptop for content creation from Asus
Zenbook Pro –

With a Core i9 and a GTX 1050 Ti, this 4k laptop delivers some of the best performance available for content creators. The 2nd screen provides a ton of utility and can be used as an extended display or using the Asus Apps from the Microsoft Store.

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  1. Dave2D

    This mini screen is one of the most innovative pieces of laptop tech we've seen this year. Thanks for watching!

  2. Daniel Lee

    Where are my DJ's at? This laptop was made for you!

  3. Local Host

    As an engineer, I can run terminals in the screen pad, dude it's awesome !!!

  4. hamza ahmad

    lol wtf who need multi screen on his laptop we need more battery life .

  5. will tulloch

    hey david lee, is the processor in this computer replaceable?

  6. Kurena

    U are wearing a Naruto t shirt

  7. R3tuxn

    I bought zenbook pro 15 ux580 gex and it is unusable.. extension mode does not work and software is broken and laggy..

  8. J.Q. Roan

    I hate having to split the screen in half to watch a video and search something

  9. Yasminh159

    At one point it looked like you were able to use the track pad to manoeuvre around the main screen, whilst the scene pad was playing something. On the vivobook however, you can't use track pad whilst screen is in use right?

  10. Jayson Hernandez

    Hey Dave! Nice video by the way what type of screw driver did you use to bottom shell? Thanks

  11. Peter Andro

    Love it. Brightest idea I've seen in a whie. Guess now in 2020, it has evolved. I hope so. Also not going to come for free for sure.

  12. R

    Looks beautiful. Does anyone have one? Is it any good and work the cash?

  13. hoang nguyen

    Hello guy I have ASUS ZenBook Pro Core i9. Can I update storage (SSD)?.I want to add one SSD

  14. Shahzeb Noorani

    I have one, and I got to say I love it, I have had mine for a year, the only things I don’t like about it is the battery life and the build quality, otherwise it’s a great laptop. I always find my self using the screenpad

  15. Zakk Kaye

    You said 2 thunderbolt 3 I didn't think it had thunderbolt?

  16. Andy Jame

    "I really like the this laptop誰 I've had it for 4 months already and no issues yet. Great for school! It is a little heavier than other laptops, but I want a big screen and I knew that the was going to be expected. For the price, it was a no brainer.


  17. G D

    It looks like very good and i will buy that😀

  18. Edmund

    I have this too but its made by Nintendo.

  19. Timo Meijs

    I remember watching this video when I bought the Zenbook Pro 15 about two years ago. It was terrible, bug-ridden and I've had multiple hardware issues. Now that it broke again, ironically YouTube recommended me this video again. No Dave. I'm not falling for it again. 😅 😭

  20. Imad El Achiri

    'You can't have 2 screens on a laptop, that won't happen anytime soon', Asus zenbook pro duo : did someone call me?

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