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Play in the definitive VR MMO experience — now remastered for PlayStation VR2. Forge friendships in guilds and parties. Fight, craft, join epic raids, and blaze your own path. How will you use your power?



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  1. Hello!

    I'm Brazilian, I was very interested in the Zenith game, but since I'm not fluent in another language, I have a hard time understanding how the game works.

    I would like to know if you will release Zenith translated into Brazilian Portuguese, along with the launch on Playstation VR 2.

  2. Santos Smith

    I hope this pumps up the player count, theres a lot of talk of guild drama and loads of people just up and leaving the game.

  3. Itoki Norishiba

    Oh hey, I know this game! XD it is really fun and YOU should be playing this game too, you'll love it no doubt, you'll love it… with all of your heart beating in my hands, you'll love this game with all of your heart no doubt. It is an ok game, truly a marvel in storytelling and so great to kill all of the girls, and all of the men, like the meat that they are, just to get stronger for that next boss, that next great challenge that I love so much! All of my friend's are into it, all of my friends smiling faces are in this game, all of my friend's faces are in this game, and we love it so much, so much, so much love, in here, this game is full of stories, and creatures, and factions, and people, and murderous robots, and cute little butterflys, and meat glorious meat, blood makes the grass grow, and all of my friend's smiling faces are here. I can't wait to see all of my friend's smiling faces! hehe hehe o-

  4. Itoki Norishiba

    I love this game, it's great! XD I can't wait for more and more content to come out and more people to interact with this is literally the best game right now SO MUCH POTENTIAL I WANT TO SEE ANd EXPERIENCE MORE OF THIS I WOULD KILL TO PLAY MORe OF THIS WORLD, it is super engaging and I love it and the devs give me stuff for free and help me out, and I want to see other people succeed, and to enjoy this game and experience the joy here to be had and the adventures! I love you all and I can't wait to see you again and again, and in the new stuff, SEE YOU THERE! YDELBAOTH

  5. Nope Just Nope

    So why are they releasing this only for PSVR2? Are they not adding this update to PCVR and Meta Quest as well?!

  6. Jazzy G

    Not it looking better than oculus 😢

  7. khel smith

    Will I receive the pre order bonus if I already the psvr 1 version

  8. Mysticwolf420

    For those wondering this is also what pcvr looks like more so if cinamatic mode is turned on

  9. Mysticwolf420

    I take my comment about nda as I didn’t know they worked with playstion on this glad it doesn’t show everything

  10. Sono

    For those wondering, Graphics fidelity etc. is coming to PCVR too obviously 😉
    See ya there.

    – Sono

  11. James

    This update is coming to PC right?

  12. Haymaker82

    I currently play Zenith on PSVR and Oculus Quest 2.
    This looks SICK!
    I’ll definitely be buying the PSVR 2 or.. Oculus Quest 3

  13. [L]evel 14 Gamer

    It was not very rewarding playing when it launch but it looks a lot better

  14. Natron Stevenson

    I wanted to like this but couldn't because the music is awful. Does not get any worse than this. Great game tho!

  15. Goze Arbus

    These looks so horrendous especially artistically, it's almost like Ubisoft made it (this is not a praise)

  16. Feng

    Alright who messed around with the saturation?

  17. Moon Sarito

    Wow, the game looks so much better now.

    I really recommend this game for anyone who enjoys something like Sword Art Online, it's basically a VR MMORPG and the best thing is that it still has crossplay between PCVR, PSVR, Quest and Quest 2 (and probably PSVR 2 too).

  18. VizDash

    This music just completely does not fit with what is being shown

  19. Nicolas

    To everyone trashing on the graphics, it’s an mmo with an anime/stylised art style. It looks great imo with the mix of 3D and 2D particle effects, sorry if you wanted every game to have hyper realistic graphics like Horizon Call of the Mountain. It still looks leagues better than the Quest version and like a diamond compared to Meta’s multibillion dollar Horizon Worlds.

  20. June _o

    Pro tip – turn off volume, makes watching this video more pleasant.

  21. Spize

    skip this one if you haven't bought it yet, the game has no players and lacks in a lot of aspects.

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