Zuckerberg’s Folly: The Quest Pro

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The Meta Quest Pro is a business-oriented virtual reality headset with face tracking and passthrough mixed reality, designed to kickstart Meta’s Metaverse vision. But with clunky software and limited applications for its big new features, it doesn’t capture the Quest 2’s magic. #questpro #meta #vr

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0:00 Intro
0:39 State of Meta
1:22 What is Quest Pro?
1:42 Quest Pro Specs & Controllers
2:13 Headset hardware and accessories (wings & mask)
2:50 What’s new? Cameras, color passthrough, face tracking
3:58 Eye tracking, foveated rendering, MR
4:42 Meta Workrooms
6:56 Meta Horizon Worlds
9:12 Chat with Adi Robertson, Alex Heath and Nilay Patel
11:32 Quest Pro hardware (comfort, battery life, screen)
12:30 Conclusion

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